Scene Queen:

Girls who

-are Dating someone in a famous band
-Having their own clothing line
-Have over 1k friends (any less is "poser-ish" unless you got hacked)
-are a cosmetologist
-Model/Does Photography
What Scene queens look like:
-Wear a lot of eyeliner
-Very big hair, either teased to the point where it looks like an animal, or dyed many different colors. Normally short and choppy at the top, but very long near the bottom.
-Either naturally skinny, or photoshopped to the point where they don't look like themselves anymore.
-Bright, neon makeup and clothes.
-A lot of jewelry, like Hello Kitty necklaces, rave kandi, Diamond laser cut necklaces, etc.
-Has one or piercings, like Monroes, snake bites, angel bites, septum, gauges etc.
-Scene Queens normally take a lot of picture of themselves.
-Ages 16-19, any younger are posers.

Scene King:
Scene Kings are like Scene Queens, but in male form.
Jeffree Star, for example. Unlike most scene queens, He is famous for actually having talent.
Most scene kings have one or more ability that they are famous for, i.e, being in a band, being an artist, or famous photographer.

What Scene Kings look like:
-Hair that is longer in the front than anywhere else, normally choppy or dyed, or both.
-On special occasions ONLY, they may wear eyeliner. No other time else.
-Mostly all their pictures are photoshopped, giving them the airbrushed/perfect look.
Scene Queen/Kings:
by ImAsTaR222 November 26, 2009
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Callum haughey who is best known for being the one and only primark queen is in crazy love with primark and this is shown throughout his content on social media such as where he dresses up as Chantelle seggs and when he goes to primark every day
Callum haughey goes to primark about 5 times a week and this is on of the reasons that he is a primark queen/king
by Definitionker December 21, 2021
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1. One who holds the power of the Cancer Stick.

2. Only person in a group of people that has cigerettes and everyone crowds around that person like a bunch of hobo's looking for change. They worship the Cancer Queen/King in hopes of even just one Cancer Stick(or cigerette for all you Dumbshits).
Joe: Man...I really need a Cancer Stick...
Frank: Let's go see the Cancer Queen/King, she's always got Cancer Sticks!
by AcidFish December 24, 2007
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1. A woman who owns the hearts of many men.
2. A woman with multiple male partners.
3. A woman commanding the devotion of men.
A Queen of Kings is a ruler of men.
by StonerGrams November 9, 2017
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An individual who has mastered their inner self and in doing so influences the world around them, instead of being influenced by it.
Man, Antwoin/Cherie's always doing his/her thing with no let up. That dude/girl's a straight King/Queen no doubt.
by slimbruddah March 1, 2015
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Similar to god complex, but the difference is instead of feeling that since they are above everyone they should act snooty, these people believe they have the right to act as king.

They feel it is their duty as a superior person to lead and take care of all under them.

They tend to be pretty kind to people, but believe that they should still do whatever they say.

Almost like a mother hen type, but with more of a power trip vibe.
Person 1: "It's not that i think i should be mean to everyone else since i'm above them. I just think they should do what i say since i know best."

Person 2: "Dude, your King/Queen Complex is showing."

You choose whether you chose king or queen depending on whether its a girl or a boy.
by NAtwins July 22, 2014
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A person that always asks for consent whether before a romantic interaction and a sexual interaction.
Orion is a consent king/queen for always asking his lover before kissing them.
Susan is a consent king/queen for asking her lover before doing anything sexual.
by CoctimusPrime April 14, 2021
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