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The part of the human body, in between a male's sexual reproductive organ, and his testicles. This part usually gathers the most sweat, and tends to smell. It can also be a derogatory term used to describe someone.
1. Blake Porter has the nastiest queem I have ever seen. It was hairy and looked like chewbacca and yoda had a baby.
2. Joey Padilla's queem can only be described as ratlike.
by bigdick4u December 26, 2009
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Means quite literally, queer cream. Queer being the base word. Queem is splooge from a gay guy or a lesbian. Word created June 3, 2004.
Oh my god, Brantley just queemed all over Garrett's face. Garrett is such a cum dumpster
by M. Nelson June 04, 2004
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'Ah Barry, not again! You've gone & got too excited & consequently released large deposits of Queem!'
by therealmagee December 08, 2014
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