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n. Somebody or something that is extremely uncool (see lame), extremely bad (see heinous), and so on.

adj. To describe something as being very lame, heinous, etc.
"Mikal is such a fucking quaz. He's nowhere near as rad that Eskimonian ninja Kutt."
by Sebastian March 31, 2005
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an animal that has a giraffe head, hippo body, webbed feet, cat like reflexes, and the stench of a goat!
hey bro look at my quaz!!!!
bro what is that thing?
by chickenloverrrrrr November 24, 2010
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The opposite of " the N-word" or a word for white people
Stop being such a fuckin' quaz.
or. Stop Quazin' up the place.
by Prophint February 12, 2008
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.Short for QUAZZY MODO
.A deformed man who lives in a bell tower of Notre dame hidden from the world so they can not gaze upon his uglyness and/or retardedness

. Also a Retard
. a Tard
. Your mother
. Your girlfriend
. Your dog
. And that Sandwhich you're eating..
Mella "Mmmm Sandwhich"
Kimmy "Dude, PUT THAT DOWN"
Mella "But god made this sandwhich.."
Mella "But, Im QUAZ too"
Kimmy "Carry on.."
by kimmy booth May 13, 2005
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1. When too much cola is consumed one night and the next day a caffeine induced headache follows.

2. A word to say when the user of the word cannot think of the correct word to say.
1. "Darron and I had a Quaz the other day."

2. "So are we going to... the Quaz on the weekend?"
by Scuber Steve March 07, 2006
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Verb / Noun
The act of deleting a character in a MMORPG. The term Quaz was first seen in World of Warcraft in the guild <Immortal>. Quaz reluctantly deleted his character, unknowingly World of Warcraft consumed his life, and he came back months later to have his character restored completly naked. Gross.
To be, get, or become quazzed; Quaz is naked
Quaz got pwned by GM's in World of Warcraft.

Wow, that dude's character got quazzed by his mom! Pwned.

by Blizzard Employee's August 18, 2005
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