Queer for internet junkies.
People who type "Hokeh" instead of "Ok"
Or, "zomg" instead of "omg"
Eddie: Fucking Qr
Gabe: Im not a queer!
Eddie: How the hell did you know that qr meant queer?
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Used before a persons last name and it is fucking annoying no one will shut up about it.
Bro1 qr jiggly qr jiggly

bro2 what

bro1 jiggly jiggly qr jiggly
by ZIdaan November 18, 2019
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You must be a girl named Iqra more and so doing the TikTok trend. YOU REALLY NEED MORE HYPE GURLLL
by ILLLLYYYY_ June 3, 2021
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'Quick Response' in many forums.
<QR> I agree with the above statement ;)
by Drummzz7 May 28, 2008
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Any QRS-complex that exceeds 120 milliseconds in duration, which can be seen in premature ventricular contractions or underlying bundle branch block.
Jonathan: "Dayum bro, that QRS thicc! She defs a PVC..."

Jonathan: "Holy fuck cuh, that QRS dummy thicccccc! She gotta be hyperkalemia."
by deadmeatdontbeat October 31, 2019
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a garbled image that has to be scanned to reveal text, images or a website link.
used for promotions, emails, or item links. can also be used for ARGs (very, very rare).
Sure Dan, let me use my phone's QR Code scanner so that we can see the website link that is hidden inside the image.
by pivotman319 October 16, 2015
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