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When knowing an Iqra, you should be very grateful. They’re very nice and caring but they may not show it at times, however they will always be there for you! They get easily hurt, but they are very good at hiding it, but sometimes it can get a bit much. You should always tell an Iqra how much you care for them, becuase they never think that anyone’s there or anyone cares! You don’t want to lose an Iqra, they are the funniest and caring
Iqra is so fucking lovely
by Badmanalrert101 October 31, 2017
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Arabic name; means to read.
If you know a person Iqra, you are lucky! They are hard to find and hard to keep. Awesome friends to have!
by Urban Dictionary May 26, 2008
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when someone has no idea what is going on because they spaced out or are unaware of their current surroundings.
What just happened? Ugh I just pulled an Iqra!
by deesquishy January 18, 2010
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person 1: what are u guys talking about

person 2: nothing much just chucking another iqra

person 3: STOP BITCHING!!!!!!!
by a1aa1a1 November 08, 2010
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an absolute cunt. so rude. enjoys making fun of others nationalities and names. just a bitch in general.

secretly a cross dressing pedo who wears a kilt to flash scottish children!

aka cloutqueencam :)
Camila: OMG that girl was so rude!

Meg: ikr she’s definitely an iqra!

Camila: Ugh yeah for sure. What a bitch
by cabellosketch :) May 18, 2018
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