A fuck boy who has 2 cats that should die and he usually is someone everyone wants to kick very hard in the throat so he cant talk anymore
Qoys a bitch
by shajjsbdbdhiwjajsjsjjsjdd January 29, 2019
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A girl that is a fighter and doesn’t let people push her around a qoi will stand up for what is right they will care for u like it’s her own and love u like no other but saryahs are better
Wow qoi u beat her up good
by Daddy girl May 28, 2018
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Qoied is a very interesting guy.he js very famius around girls for being rejected but another thing about him is he likes being single. His primary objective is to send free bamboo to all the houses in the world and hoping he will find his soulmate.
Why is there bamboo on my front door?

Maybe qoied left it there
by Adik buluh September 30, 2020
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A cheap prostitute who works on the streets of Geylang. May or may not be infected with HIV. Or slut.
Wife: Can i not make you a sandwich today?

Husband: Shut up and get back in the kitchen, you Qois
by Trollista June 26, 2014
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(Noun) An honorary title, literally "blood of my blood" in dothraki. Used to describe someone (unrelated to you) who is as close to you as a blood relative.
Qoy qoyi, please grab me a beer from the fridge.
by burntHam February 07, 2014
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