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When someone is being a total douchebag
Also used to refer to the "Crunchwrap Supreme" from Taco Bell
Shut up Taylor, you're being a Cuntwrap Supreme
by anthonyyyyyyyyyyy November 06, 2006

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The manner in which your toe(s) are bent after a long day working on your hands and knees - i.e installing wood floors. The bending toes resemble the toe of an elf shoe, curled and painful
...man I've got the elf toe real bad today

I installed 500 feet today, my elf toe fuckin hurts
by anthonyyyyyyyyyyy February 04, 2016

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You eat a cheery toaster stroodle, right after you satisfy your plushy fettish while taking a shit
Gerard is so gay, he actually came up with "The Burnt Toaster"
by anthonyyyyyyyyyyy December 11, 2006

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1. Adj. Similar to the word Douchebag.
As soon as someone squats down to prevent the spilling of something, they are known as a Squatrock
A very amusing nickname, never gets old
Meant to be an insult
Hey! What's up Squatrock!

Dude, shut the fuck up squatrock
by anthonyyyyyyyyyyy November 06, 2006

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abbreviation for "quick log drop", meaning to take a really fast shit.

necessary to take a QLD while busy at work
"man I really gotta shit"

"well make it a QLD!"
by anthonyyyyyyyyyyy September 08, 2011

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When you go to Jo-Ann fabrics, get a girl there, put velcro on your hand and give her a reach around while singing Kum- Bay-Ah.
Dude, gerard just gave that chick a steel toed boot!
by anthonyyyyyyyyyyy December 06, 2006

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