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Short for Queensland Core Skills test. A test all Queensland year 12s have to take if they want to go to University. Also likes to fuck you over by asking you bullshit questions. Consists of 4 exams over 2 days, for a total of at least 7 hours. The first exam is the writing task, where they give you a theme and you have to write something. Second and fourth exams are multiple choice. Third exam is short response.

Your class grades will get changed depending on how you did compared to your cohort, and how your cohort did compared to the state. That's right, if you go to a school full of idiots, you won't get into the course you want. Fucking bullshit.
Student: I hate QCS. Short response was such bullshit - I can't draw. I may as well accept my OP 25 now.

Parent: It can't have been that bad

Student: Have you tried drawing a picture of shoelaces? Did someone decide that you can't go to Uni if you can't use a compass? No? Then fuck off
by ihateqcs August 30, 2017
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