it is commonly used when it is a disadvantage to the team
"kanata Q,E Q,E"
by BordHOTCOCO March 2, 2021
The basic League of Legends hotkeys.
Q-W-E-R - Basic Abilities
R - Ultimate Ability
D-F - Summoner Spells
B - Recall (return to base)
Player 1: Hey what's your LoL hotkeys?
Player 2 Q-W-E-R D-F B
by ACEstrigon009 November 27, 2012
For when you're so bored, you for some reason push all the keys on the keyboard from from the edges to the middle starting from the left
Man, I wonder if q\werptoyiua's;dlfkgjhz/x.c,vmbn is on the Urban dictionary.
by GrandDevo January 30, 2022
If you type this, you have 3 seconds until you die of boredom
you know what? im gonna type `=1-203948576\qweprotiyu'a;sldkfjgh/z.x,cmvnb~+!_@)#($*%&^Q|W}E{RPTOYIUA"S:DLFKGJHZ?X>C<VMBN oh crap i died of boredom
by i am a like pee October 18, 2022
1234567890-=q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k l ; ' ()/()z x c v b n m , . ()/() ~ !@#$%^(&*() _())+ { } : " | |< > ? is what you type on a keyboard when you get insanely bored.
Yesterday I got so bored that I searched 1234567890-=q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k l ; ' ()/()z x c v b n m , . ()/() ~ !@#$%^(&*() _())+ { } : " | |< > ? on google and nothing came up so I put it in the Urban Dictionary
by Moonlit_Sky2712 September 13, 2020