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one who just likes fire, and has no reason for burning things. pyromania is a mental illness. people who burn things to prove a point or protest are most likely not pyromaniacs.
shortened: pyro
i once set my carpet on fire just to watch it burn, because i am a pyromaniac.
by udontknowme October 28, 2003

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a metaphor for one's penis, used in the system of a down song "bounce"
i went out on a date, with a girl, a bit late, she had so many friends, i brought my pogo stick, just to show her a trick, she had so many friends.
by udontknowme October 28, 2003

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a lot of people that post definitons on this site.
see also: haters, posers, assholes.
hey, i don't like this certain band/ store/race/religion! lemmee go be a fucker and dis it on urbandictionary.com!
by udontknowme October 29, 2003

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