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A town thats growing like a motherfucker, full of italians,riches, bitches, and there kids. Usually the kids like to start shit with other schools , smoke weed, smoke butts , chill at community centers and hit b'z. People think woodbridge is soft but its really not.
Yo lets hit up woodbridge 2nite to hit sum b'z at da center yo, then we can go start shit with otha faggets. And sometimes woodbridge is refered to as weedbridge, hoodbride, or wopbridge
by muda fukn 187 March 05, 2008
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The Little Italy of the suburbs. Usually a place for the Mafia to chillax without having to deal with hits put on them.
I'm going to Woodbridge to chillax 'cause I'm Italian.
by n1kkz December 02, 2007
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One of the wealthiest towns of Connecticut. The home to Amity Regional High School, one of the best high schools in the state (but also one with a history of administrative and teaching problems), but where many of its attendees are highly gifted and talented children of Yale University faculty and super high achieving families. A location of choice for Yale faculty, doctors, lawyers, pharmaceuticals, chemists and other highly accomplished persons. Also some rich white Jewish kids who give dap, drive luxury cars handed to them by their parents and listen to rap music. Section down the hill less wealthy is known as the "flats."
Woodbridge is the wealthiest town in New Haven county. Did you know that the CEO of ___Inc. and his family live there?
by Adam Gabell November 04, 2007
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The whitest area in all of Northern Virginia. People from there like to call refer to their town as "Hoodbridge" when there are no hoods in nova or va in general.
Woodbridge is full of stuck up rich bitches.
by Jamal94 May 11, 2013
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A small town in Suffolk, England with issues. The biggest issue being the high percentage of people addicted to drugs. There is a big problem with 'Plastic Gangsters', they are on every housing estate. down every side street. they are everywhere. they sell the local addicts tiny amounts of their fix for high end prices to fund their new trainer addictions. Also, possibly one of the most boring places on earth.
Friend 1: What ever happened to 'name'?
Friend 2: I think he got Woodbridge syndrome
by markanddan March 20, 2011
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I'm from Woodbridge, and I have to say it's nice. However OAKVILLE (which is near Mississauge) is the most beautifulist place I've ever been too. It is the most richest place to live in Canada and in Oakville the houses are so so so so BIG!!!! I wish I lived in Oakville.
As a citizen of woodbridge, we tend to be very sheltered and think that Woodbridge is the be-all-and-end-all to Canada, however it's far from that.
by Liinnnndddaaaa December 11, 2005
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