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A guy who always pussies out at the last second, someone who has no guts. Generally these idiots have no supporters or friends.
Jim: Hey dude Harry said he was gonna jump off his garage, but he just hid in his room.

Joe: Dude, what a Pussypants.
by wordfinder756 June 07, 2010
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Someone who lacks the testicular fortitude to stand up for themselves. Also, someone who's actions would qualify as "douchebaggery."
You sir, are a pussy pants.

Q: Did you see what that pussy pants did?
A: Yeah, well what else would you expect from a pussy pants like him?
by The SuperVillain September 15, 2008
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A dude that acts like a big whining pussy, and you wonder if he has any testicles. He's probably hiding a big vagina down in his pants.
So what, you lost a few bucks. Suck it up, and stop being a pussypants.

The girls won't bite you buddy. Stop being a pussypants and go talk to them.
by Scottoooooo November 18, 2006
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When a person is being lame, and doesn't want to have fun. And just plain acting like a puss!
Let's go take shots, dude!
No, I'm good right now.
Take of your pussy pants, and take some shots!
by TriggaBay July 20, 2011
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