Basketball. I mean come on you touch someone and its a foul. WTF?
WTF kind of foul is reaching? This is pussy-ball.
by butch43 January 11, 2009
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when pussy lips are so big that they actually become the female equivalent of testicles
Shit dawg, I was about to go down on this bitch last night but when I pulled off her pants she had some goddamned pussyballs, fuck that shit yo.
by thrashnmash June 30, 2011
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The means of being a coward, lazy person, cheap fighter in a game, or complainer.
Ex. 1
Dude1-"Yo brotha you down for some burgers?"
Dude2-"Nah man I'm full"
Dude1-"Man stop playin pussyball"

Ex. 2
Dude1"Damn you just fouled me again fool!"
Dude2"Dog this isn't pussyball, this is Basketball."
by NavMax March 04, 2009
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Pussyballs is another description for either a hemaphrodite or transexual.
I ordered me one of them Thai brides the other day, but was angered when i got them back to my house to find they were a pussyballs, so i reported them to home depot and pretty soon that pussyballs was facing execution in Thailand. Thankyou home depot!
by Chubzilla June 12, 2009
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the ball in the vagina of a woman that you feel when you finger her and wonder wtf that is
nic:wat bitch
brian i was fingering this chick last nite and i think theres a ball in her pussy
nic wtf thats the pussyball fooo they hella love it wen you smash it in deeper
by INFECTEDCUPCAKE August 26, 2009
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