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A man of otherwise average intelligence that becomes mentally retarded in the presence of vagina. This is characterized by frequent poor life choices in pursuit of his vaginal addiction.
"Steve spent half his paycheck last night at the bar on two blonde chicks."
"At least he got laid right?"
"Yeah, but what a fuckin' pusstard."
by dinktheeper November 21, 2013
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One Who Is A Pussy And A Retard. So Combine The Words And You Get PussTard!
Billy: Can I Have A Playstation 3 Grandma?

Grandma: Hell No!

Billy: Whatever You PussTard Biatch!!!

Heard From Across The Room! (SMACK!!)

Grandma: Get Some, Bitch!
by AlexBiznurkett!! June 15, 2009
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A learning disabled person that is one half pussy and one half wuss.
She is a pusstard, she wouldn't go out last night because she was still hungover, what a dinges.
by Ask-Q November 05, 2010
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