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1. When your testicles come in contact with a vagina. This is almost always achieved when the the male penetrates the females vagina as deeply as he can, so that his scrotum comes in contact with the vagina.

This can also be known as going "balls deep".

2. An insult to a male. See chickenshit.
1.1) "Ugh, I really should go shower. I've had pussballs for three days now."

1.2) "Hey there, pussballs! Have a good time last night?"

2.1) "Hey pussballs, I heard you backed out from the fight with that 9th grader!"

2.2) "I dare you to do it, pussballs!"
by Figroti January 24, 2009
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Little bits of toilet paper that stick to your puss after you wipe.
She began to get off the toilet when she noticed little puss balls in her va jay jay area!!
by Harper's Hotties March 11, 2008
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1.having dirty pussina come from your vagina
2. Being really dirty and greasy
3. a word used to describe someone that is really really crazy in the pants.
when i had sex with susana last night she was acting like such a puss ball..

tianna is such a puss ball in bed..

that guy over there, he's such a pussball, he never has a shower
by stinkyfish March 10, 2008
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1. homosexual
2. a combination of a vagina and balls mixed togeher
Dude: You have pussballs!!!
Homosexual:No! Well, I don't think I do.
by Melissa (MAB) October 12, 2007
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