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1. To agree, typically during some form of gathering, to meet a group of friends at a given place, drive part of the way there, and then bail at the last possible second when no one is looking.

2. To say you are coming to an event, and then to simply not show up. No explanation may be provided.
"I don't think I feel like going out, I'll just Purser these fools."
"That bastard just Pursered us!"
"Now that was a proper Purser!"
by Perry Bird March 07, 2014
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one who takes every condiment, jellies , napkins ,creamers or bread items left on table from resturants or as guests at in your home. Usually concealed in a purse or other large carry bag.
My mother in law is a purser she took all the sugar packets, butter and jelly from the resturant this morning.

I was pursed by my mother in law when she visited me and took all 200 of my sugar packets
by purser victim November 19, 2010
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