a love bite on the adams apple normally given against the wishes of the man getting hence the hand wrapped around his balls to stop him fighting back
i forgot it was mikes birthday today so i gave him a purple apple HA HA HA HA
by bebebe November 16, 2003
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when a girl grabs a guys balls very hard then gives him a love bite on the adams apple. Mostly done at school or uni so other student know the guy is a wimp or jerk.
"ha i see joe got a purple apple i wonder who got him"
by sue October 19, 2003
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a fruit that is incredibly cool and stuff. used to be random when you feel unorriginal. no dirty connotation in canada. pure innocence and i invented it.
wat are you going to do today?
i dunno, probably apple, purple or generic.
by andrea April 11, 2005
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when three lesbians have sex. usually while singing tunes.
dyke one:"wow we had amazing purple apple last night"
dyke two:"ik it was fun singing songs as well"
dyke three:"ohhh yeahhh"
by lol546 September 29, 2010
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