A prestigious university in West Lafayette, IN. While not as fun as IU, it has a better reputation once you leave the state of Indiana. Top programs include Engineering, Management (better than Kelly at IU), Technology, and Science. Ranked as a top 20 public institution. People in the west coast have no idea what state this school is in but they know how strong it is academically. Other than that, we have average parties, average girls, below average sports, but a very high average starting starting salary (which is all that matters).
I go to Purdue University. Although you may have a more fun college experience, I'm gonna be richer than you. So fuck you for your four years, I'll take the next forty.
by mab23 June 28, 2014
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Best college basketball team in the state of Indiana. It currently has a winning record against every other Big Ten school (including IU 112-84, but they still think they are better?) Fans of Purdue basketball don't have to wait for recruiting classes, because they have a coaching staff that can turn good players into ass kickers (i.e. Hummel, Kramer, Johnson, etc.) It is also one of the classiest programs left in the NCAA.
Fan 1: Did you hear IU is getting a decent recruiting class in a few years?
Fan 2: Yeah, it looks like Purdue's walk-ons will only get to play one full half against them.
Fan 1: Oh yeah, it's Purdue Basketball we're talking about.
by pureliob April 30, 2011
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A Purdue Boilermaker is what happens when you're traveling to or around West Lafayette, Indiana, and you get a really bad case of diarrhea.
Joe, can you please pull over the car. I can't wait until the next rest stop and I feel a massive Purdue Boilermaker coming on.
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Purdue basketball is mediocre basketball at best. Purdue has never made it to an NCAA final four game because they can never win when it matters, or their coaching is garbage. This comes as no surprise to anyone that knows anything about college basketball. They are the 3rd best team in Indiana behind Butler (2nd) and Indiana (1st). This basketball program is very jealous of everything Indiana University has accomplished, hence why they are so angry all the time. Also, they are never good because no “good” basketball recruit wants to play for such a shitty program that has never established a “tradition” like other successful basketball programs that are located a few hours away.
Ross: Why does that team lose so much?
Jon: Probably because they play just like Purdue basketball.
Ross: Oh yeah, that basketball team is always a joke.
by TheBossManHoosier March 20, 2011
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Established as a "satellite campus" of the main campus in West Lafayette, Indiana, Purdue University Calumet was founded as full time university in the northwestern corner of Indiana. Purdue Calumet prides itself on maintaining good standards while at the same preparing its students for the economy and world beyond the borders of Democratic dominated Lake County. Having accomplished a great victory in borrowing the Purdue name, Purdue Calumet then decided to implement a typical Lake County tradition: Overcharge the students, and make introductory course work seemingly impossible in the non-liberal arts departments so as to continue the gouging. Purdue Calumet prefers to charge its students insane tuition and other "non-deferential" charges so as to turn over large profits yearly. Of course with all the Democratic "Chicago Machine" government and infleunce in the way, it's telltale that the IRS would never really come after Purdue Calumet, after all, as long as prominent local goverment leaders are driving to work in a brand new Mercedes Benz, the IRS and the rest of the outside world won't know any better. Although Purdue Calumet is a state funded school, and by law NOT supposed to adapt to any particular poltical stance or party, Purdue Calumet just loves to make shoe polish out of shit. Instead of looking at an issue in a different light, Purdue Calumet's teachers and many students are quick to hop on the "anti-everything" bandwagon, even though at time, facts may not be clear and concise. This school makes it a seemingly serious offense to be conservative and actually believe in something if it's not on Ted Kennedy's or Jesse Jackson's camera chasing agenda. Take the War in Iraq as example. Rather than tell unwashed, uninformed, and clearly biased protestors to just stay at home or take their protesting elsewhere, the school invites them in and gives them podium time allowing them to piss and moan about how evil the US government is. Purdue Calumet is known for their gift at alienating certain groups of people. The school is quick to give concessions based on race to blacks, but not the same treatment to white or hispanic students, and the school harbors deep resentment towards ex-military and War Veterans in general, often times treating them with a paternalistic, second hand attitude.
Purdue Calumet: Enroll today to get ripped off.

Yeah, they make the basic science and math courses harder than need be, so Liberal Arts majors will fail and have to pay more money. It's a typical Lake County scam.
by Johnny hates NOVA May 08, 2006
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An overrated academic institution in Indiana named after a major chicken processing company. The college has received distinction for having an above average engineering program, however, engineering seems to be as far as Purdue's academic quality goes. Other majors such as business, social sciences, or the arts are far outclassed by it's cross state counterpart Indiana University (IU) and to some extent Notre Dame. The rampant mediocracy transcends merely academics, but also encompasses the athletic programs (where they rarely make it to bowl games and perpetually lose in the NCAA tournament) as well as the lackadaisical party scene, again heavily outclassed by IU. Purdue's mascot is a boilermaker as that is the occupation most students will have to settle for after graduation.
"At least Purdue University has a pretty cool fountain."
by Barron Hawking June 10, 2018
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Georgia Institute of Technology but we all know us Purdue is the best gold & black.
We have two teams working on this research on hypersonic vehicle. One is on Purdue West Lafayette and the other is over at Purdue Atlanta campus
by AwesomePieman August 26, 2020
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