The act of getting a puppy and shoving it up ones ass super gluing it in and having the dog decompose in the anal cavity which will kill the person of a dieses or constipation.
I hate Hannah so much I just wanna give her a good puppying.
by mrman1226 January 31, 2017
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Word is used to describe act of looking at pics and videos of puppies with an intention to get to better mode. Mostly people are puppying when they are sad, but you can be puppying whenever you really want. Happiness is another most often mood while puppying

Person1 : *sends pictures of young gold retriever eating shoe to person 2
Person2 : Ohh, you are puppying, is everything ok ?
Person1 : well, not really


*right after hot moment person1 starts puppying
person2 : was i so bad that you started puppying ?
person1 : Nah sweetie, it was so nice that i have to look to puppies
by Tomouš October 24, 2016
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The state in which your brain is a series of happy exclamation points.
Dude, I'm so excited about the trampoline party. I'm totally puppying!
by spacenoodle January 16, 2012
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when you go to a party then only hang out with one person and follow them around the whole night
Kate: Hey, Ashley, you know I love you, but you can’t just puppy me the whole night tonight because I need to get Aaron alone.

Katherine: Hey, I don’t know anyone going tonight. You good with puppying each other?
Lyn: Totally. That’s what I was planning on.
by katsiecutsie June 26, 2019
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