1. (noun) A pup is a young dog.
2. (noun) A PUP is a potentially unwanted program. According to Google Chrome's Help Forum, the term "PUP" was originally created by the Internet Security company McAfee, because marketing firms objected to having their products called "spyware"
3. (noun) A pup is a young, generally naive and eager-to-please gay man.
4. (noun) A pup is a guitar pickup.
5. (noun) A pup is a boy or man involved with a "cougar" (an older woman).
1. It's a good thing my pup doesn't shed much. He just loves to cuddle with me on the red velvet couch.
2. I couldn't watch your video because my computer thinks the website contains a PUP.
3. So the guy went over to talk to him, saying he looked like "such a pup".
4. I just had a pup installed on the bottom of my acoustic guitar, so I can play as loudly as you now!
5. My current beau is such a sweet, sexy pup. You should see how excited he gets when I take out my dentures!
by Narcoleptic Artist December 20, 2018
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A shaved male Shi Tzu that looks like a beagle puppy. He's an adult male that looks like a puppy but isn't one, he just has a babyface.
Jon: Look at that cute Pup!
Jessica: Come here puppy!
Jon: No no, he's a PUP. He's an adult shaved male Shi Tzu and looks like a beagle puppy.
Jessica: Oohhh it does suit him.

"My Pup is 13 years old and still looks like a puppy!"
by Strawberrytarte May 7, 2020
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adj. Origin "puppy" another word of saying someone is cute.
Yesterday, I saw a girl that looked super pup; she had good style and a pretty face.
by Dilemma1030 November 15, 2013
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A cute nickname for someone you have affection for. Normally this nickname is given by an older guy to a younger girl, of which he either is with or fancies. However, the use of this normally leads to the girl thinking of the guy as a big brother, rather than dating material.
"Hiya Pup!" Man, she looks good
"Hey. I just got a new boyfriend, I think he's wonderfullllllllll. I want you to meet him cause you're so special to me."
"...Sure, I'd love too." Stupid Nickname
by Nuuunuuu May 20, 2009
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Someone who is inexperienced at/too young to do a certain task.
by Fisharematesnotscram November 20, 2011
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A slang term used for any type of drug or alcholic substance on the streettss.
Yo my duude, got any of that pup?
I can't think without my pup.
Lets go get some pup and party!
Pup makes me feel like i can touch the sky...
Got any of that bubbacush and pup?
Let's go get some pup and get faded!!
Pup in the cup,makes me want some lup pussy.
I like the pup your wearing today (cocaine residue).
PUP, there it is!
Feed your pup today?
Is this the suiites??I dunno i be on that pup!!

by Bobby & Saxony September 7, 2009
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A small amount of dip just to hold you over
Let me get a pup, I don't have time for a dogga

I only have enough dip left for a small pup

dogga dip chewing tobacco skoal
by SSC Baseball March 8, 2010
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