A word originating in the dangan and gurteen areas that has taken galway like wild-fire. It is defined as a person who undertakes needless and comical troublemaking against a friend purely for their own and the people around them's amusement.
Darragh was messing with my laptop again, he is an awful PUP
by MattTheHack April 24, 2010
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A PUP is short for Potentially Unwanted Program. It can put viruses on your PC. or even destroy it,
Joe: fuck i got a PUP
Bob: dude install malwarebytes
joe: yess i got rid of it
by EthanGamerTVFans1138 (ROBLOX) November 28, 2019
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short way of saying pissed up prick!
by gembitch January 7, 2010
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An endearment towards a puppy dog, or any dog who acts like a puppy.
The service repairman came to our house and our boxer pup was right there, waiting for a pet, or a scratch behind the ears. "Pup pup! Come here, you!" Calmed our "pup pup" right down:)
by hippie lynne December 6, 2011
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A shaved male Shi Tzu that looks like a beagle puppy. He's an adult male that looks like a puppy but isn't one, he just has a babyface.
Jon: Look at that cute Pup!
Jessica: Come here puppy!
Jon: No no, he's a PUP. He's an adult shaved male Shi Tzu and looks like a beagle puppy.
Jessica: Oohhh it does suit him.

"My Pup is 13 years old and still looks like a puppy!"
by Strawberrytarte May 7, 2020
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Short for "pickups" in guitar lingo. One pickup is a "pup".
I swapped out the stock pups for a pair of '59s.
by improviduto December 3, 2007
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