A bag or toe sack large or med sized, to carry smaller items. e.g., apples, etc
Suzy, go ahead and take a punnet of those apples before they go bad.
by dirkdavid33 February 26, 2010
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Vagina. From container for ones fruit i.e. a recepticle of semen or a bag for semen.
That girl's punnet got filled with my fruit last night
by ScopeyUK February 14, 2011
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A bag of semen.
Derived from the words punane and cunt.

"You fucking punnet!"
by Jimmy Hoffer January 19, 2008
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When a persons dingle berry count exceeds an immediately countable number it is a Dingle Punnet or a Punnet of Dingle Berrys.
Guy 1: I haven't wiped my arse in so long i probably have multiple Dingle Berrys
Guy 2: you've probably got a whole dingle punnet by now.
by DinglePicker April 29, 2015
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The act of getting a small room, in most cases a walk-in-wardrobe (however also works with bathrooms or linen cupboards, etc.), jam packed full of people in sexual lust. All parties must be engaged with at least 2 others, creating a chain/cycle of penatrative frenzy.

This requires at least 6 people and 2 layers.
Guy 1 Are you coming to the house-warming party on the weekend?

Guy 2: Not sure if we can make it actually.

Guy 1: You MUST come, we need to get the numbers up to try punnet fucking in the bathroom!

Guy 2: O.K, but only if I can prarie dog in your wife.....
by Diskonekted August 27, 2010
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1 Somebody who needs to get out of their house and have a good time a shut in
2 The maker of a bad pun/joke
1"No I'd rather play WOW than go to Amber's party." "Dude, you are SUCH a punnet square."
2}"So I said, 'don't be so crabby'ha ha!" "...You're a punnet square."
by EvilSera February 3, 2006
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The drunken equivilant to a Punnet Square. Used in place of Punnet square as a retort to being called one initially.
"You're a Punnet Square."
"I'm a Punnet...circle? PUNNET SPHERE MA FUCKA!"
by EvilSera February 3, 2006
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