The candid camera tv show created by Ashton Kutcher... the hottest man alive. Also can be used as a verb; meaning to trick someone... or embarrass them horribly on national television :) basically to prank them.
Justin Timberlake totally got punk'd by Ashton! hahaha
by dazzled October 11, 2003
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Getting punk'd is when some thug comes along and bully's you then takes your stuff. You just got punk'd.
A couple of bangers rooled up and punk'd him for his kicks.
by Hippie with a gun September 23, 2017
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When one gets pranked, but not just pranked, Punk'd. Pranked so hard that they are practically on a T.V. show.
(It was also a show from 2003-2015)
Accepted yet informally spelled as Punked
Joe Juan: "Here you go Joe. Merry Christmas!"
Joe Tooh: (opens gift box. Inside there are the entrails of their late wife. Joe Tooh is petrified of shock and fear)
Joe Juan: " Ha! You just got Punk'd!" (Joe Juan proceeds to point at places and objects around the two.) "Cameras here, there, there, there, there, here, there, up there, in that plant, on that rabbit.... (This continues for a few minutes.)
by Xenolufarius December 16, 2016
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