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To punch a vagina and/or anus. The act of fisting.
I punch fucked your mom last night
by weg December 15, 2003
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To fuck, with a punch. Similar to fisting, only more violent and much more painful. Causes severe distension of the orifice, and at times, uncontrollable bleeding. Anal punchfucking leads to loss of bowel control and incessant shitting.
by Endlose Nichtigkeit October 03, 2006
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Punch Fuck: The act of fisting a man using a closed hand (fist) with little or no lube. A variation on fist-fucking but is generally more abrasive and aggressive.
Man 1: You're fuckable!
Man 2: What you in to?
Man 1: Punch fucking your arse! Now get in the van you're coming with me...
by wannabe_PF April 10, 2012
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The art of frontal donkey punching with a mate. Also used in Slopfuck, which involves punchfucking, donkeypunching, explosive diarrhea, midgets, and various other acts.
Hey pretty lady, may I interest you in some punchfucking? Or perhaps some chips?
by Chris Macabre March 05, 2004
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A shorter form of "punch 'em and fuck 'em", a saying amongst sexually deprived men directed about prude or otherwise unwilling girls.

can be compared to rape.
You spend a week with your cousin and her hot roommates who pay no attention to you or your pals.. "Let's just punchfuck 'em"
by Appliance Direct October 13, 2004
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