The term ladies give to their man friends who do nothing but pump away. These types of men usually can't be bothered to engage in a bit of friendly foreplay. They are often related to the "pump 'n' dump" breed of man.
Andy is dating a pumper again.
by Turtle dick July 2, 2017
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One who removes an arm from a long sleeved shirt whilst grabbing the empty sleeve with his other hand and making a pumping motion with it. The removed arm remains underneath the shirt and is used to thrust through the hole created between the two sleeves.

Pumpers often travel in packs and exclusively listen to KRAT

Pumpers rarely pump it down low, they mostly try to pump it up.
Look at the action he gets when he pumps in that sweatshirt, that guy is a pro pumper, no doubt about it...
by Tommy PP ROOSTER July 20, 2009
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Replacement word for wanker or cunt
What a Pumper!
by Rob February 22, 2004
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A man who is constantly pumping semen into women
(Barney) After sex, Carol is always so wet from Tommy. He is such a pumper.
by Burger chew August 3, 2016
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When a girl gives blowjobs but she is not a hoe, prostitute, porn star, or whore.
"This Girl I know loves to seduce me by giving me head, she's not owned or poor, she must be a pumper."
by Felipe Negron July 25, 2008
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The try hard that uses a pump shotgun and drops tilted every damn time.
Man i hate thoes damn pumpers.
Pumpers are so annoying i wish they would just stop existing.
by MeatyBrother March 23, 2018
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pumpers better than tumblers because pumpers like to pump
"Hey stop tumbling"
"Pumpers like to Pump!"
"But I'm a tumbler"
by Edzo04 February 14, 2009
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