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A Pum is normally a term for a womans vagina.
"That girls PUM was so tight last night."
by Jakesterr September 20, 2007
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Pum means a girls Pussy, or it could mean that your a pussy
The galz pum was stinky last night
i love banging tight pum
blad i dare u, ur a pum
by Drive-By August 31, 2006
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Is the Vagina. Can be used as an adjective or a noun. Can mean the act of intercourse or simply the private area of a woman. nash
"Hey tommy, her pums stink"

"Yea after the party I got pums from this girl"

"Oh i want want her pums"
by Calio Escobar October 06, 2007
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another word for the vagina, minge, pussy, etc.

Also can be used as an insult when said to a male as an insult to his manhood.
''he looks a right pum''
by ronnyronnyronny November 16, 2007
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Somebody who is not behaving as you would like, or somebody who is acting stupidly (pronounced, poum)
Come here and stop being a pum
your a pum pum head
by ghostie0101 October 20, 2010
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In the islands of Trinidad and Tobago a 'pum' is the short and more commonly used word for a pumse (pronounce with the short sounding 'u' )It is casually used to refer to the passing of gas or flatus.What the world knows as a fart.
Simone:Did you smell that pum in the bus?
Bill:Did you pum?
Lisa:Did you hear that?,sounded like sombody pum.
by johoney May 20, 2010
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