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Use when a member of the squad (typically Andrew) dips from a lit squad sesh without saying bye or informing the other squad members that he/she is dipping. Doing such an action will cause severe unlitness upon the squad and is known as a snake move.
Pulling an Andrew:
*Playing Xbox*
Adam: "Yo where's Adam I haven't heard him talking for a while"
Kevin: "Yo Adam"
Adam: *Silence*
*Adam has left the Xbox party*
by Yogetlit June 07, 2016
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Pulling an Andrew is when someone does one of those liquid farts which stain your underwear and make it a necessity to change boxers. Pulling Andrews can leave serious stains and even burn through your underwear.
Ahh Steve I am just pulling an Andrew and my boxers are stained brown.
by CautionSteve December 24, 2012
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The act of either trading everything you have for things you believe are better, or never finishing the creation of a Geometry Dash level. They also tend to believe Tracer is the best Overwatch character, even though they've probably never played it.
Joe: I'm gonna buy you guys packs!
Cam: Yes! Finally I can open more Gr!
Andrew: I'm gonna trade them away for Zoroark GXs!
Joey: Not again Andrew, don't start Pulling an Andrew like always!
Andrew: Heck you, It's better than opening them!
by DaKittensPvP November 10, 2017
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When a person gets friendzoned multiple times.
Man 1: so I really think I could be with her, I mean we have been friends sense 3rd grade.

Man 2: Alright man, I hope it works out for you.

One week later:

Man 2: So how did it go with that girl?
Man 1: She friend zoned me, again.

Man 2: Damn, you love Pulling an Andrew don’t you.

Man 1 has pulled an Andrew.
by AncientRellek June 22, 2018
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Managing to screw up a sure thing with a girl, against all odds.
"Me and my friends are having a contest to see who can make out with a guy first tonight..."
"Oh that sounds like fun, well I'll see you in class tomorrow. Good luck."

"We should go check out a private study carrel at the library and prepare for our anatomy exam..."
"They probably won't let me reserve one until I return my overdue book. Plus I already studied a lot yesterday."

"Hey man, how did it go with that girl last night?"
"I ended up pulling an Andrew..."
"Again? That was a sure thing!"
by Rusty's Wish February 27, 2010
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