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"Pulling a Matt" means reading off of a poster, sign, photo collage, billboard, back of a car, or any other means of signage or media et al, as you attempt to pretend that you know about the subject you are discussing.
AJ: Hey Minags, look at that twin turbo dual valve 3000 GT special XT edition.

Minags: Oh shut up AJ, you're just reading off the back of the car. Stop Pulling a Matt
by Xenu3123 June 17, 2009
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When you get fucked up at a party, usually high and intoxicated otherwise known as crossfading then afterwards when you pass out you piss and shit your own bed for your mom to see.
"On the night of winter ball justin was seen pulling a matt, what an idiot!"
by Haagen-Dazs January 05, 2008
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