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Giving zero fucks and using broken exploits and somehow still not getting banned.

Alternatively; hitting on girls through their stream in hopes of sliding into their DMs.
Brad was Pulling a Jay when he gave zero fucks as he exploited the AS packet, but, "It's okay because I'll only level it to 14 instead of max."
by sickbantz February 17, 2017
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to pull your dick out and start urinating at any random time, not caring who is around or where you are.
"my friend and i were just standing around and all of a sudden he whipped it out and started pissing" also known as "pulling a Jay"
by death_dealer2011 February 06, 2010
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a medicinal jack-off performed while you are so hungover that you can not get out of bed to enjoy your vacation.
"Jay drank so many Anally Bleached Annihilators that he laid in bed all the next day as his friends enjoyed the beach. To make himself feel better...he pulled a Jay. Thus....Pulling a Jay!"
by John Lee Boy June 18, 2007
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the act of completely messing up a great situation by bashing yourself and dealing with your own personal problems rather then helping out the ones who really need you
Guy1: Yo man go help out your girl! She is sitting by herself and crying and all you do is Pulling A Jay
Guy2: Nah sorry man I'm hating my self rn
by Leifoh May 27, 2017
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