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When you go into a discord chat but proceed to mute and deafen yourself for no reason whatsoever.
"Oh look Eli joined the call"
"Fuck, he's pulling a carlos"
"Of course he is, what an asshole"
by TexasHotPocket November 25, 2018
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Intentionally acting in such a provocative or unconventional manner with the hope of specifically annoying the shit out of someone, usually for a humorous effect.
Kyle: Did you see that?! He fuckin noob tubed me again! How annoying is that!
Minags: Relax man, he's just Pulling a Carlo.
by Xenu31Oh! June 18, 2009
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Losing in Fortnite, especially when there are 15 players max left in the game. People that pull a Carlos are you usually tryhards that claim beforehand that they're "gonna get this dub" and exclaim before getting killed mid-game that the opposite player is about to "hold this L". After pulling a Carlos the player usually begs his friend to watch as he spectates his killer and comments about his health, all the while screaming, "How did he do that?!?!"
Dang, man. You just pulled a Carlos! You just about boo-boo af at this game. You'd never catch me Pulling a Carlos.
by Hahayougotme May 31, 2018
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pulling a carlos is when a someone riding a public bus gets off to let other people off and then finds the door shut, resulting in them having to run to the next stop so that they may get back on the bus
"omg dude, did you see sara pulling a carlos?"

"yeah, man, it was hilarious"
by sarajoncena November 29, 2017
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