When a person vanishes from another persons personal life
Frustrated with his immaturity and unhealthy childish habits Eve pulled a Houdini leaving Glyn heart broken
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen October 28, 2014
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When you're dating a guy or girl for a few months and one day they just stop answering your texts or calling you back, essentially disappearing off the face of the earth because they don't have the backbone to break up with you.
"Hey, how're things going with you and your man, Dylan?"
"They're not. He totally pulled a Houdini on my ass"
"Aw, that sucks man."
by Locococorico March 27, 2014
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Leaving a party/gathering with out letting any one know
Were is your girlfriend ? Oh she is Pulling a Houdini and left like always
by Englapukinn December 14, 2009
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You are out with your friends and one of them flakes out, leaves and doesn't tell anyone where they're going, they're gone for the rest of the night, and they dont answer their phone.
Has anyone seen her or did she pull a houdini?
by Dinkrolls August 06, 2007
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1. While having sex, the man says he wants to cum on the girl's back, but spits instead, and when she turns around, thinking he's done, he lets his jizz fly all over her face.

2. Tricking a woman into letting you jizz on her face.
1. Sarah broke up with Micheal after he pulled a houdini and ruined her hairdo.

2. Next time I see my girlfriend, I'm going to try pulling a houdini.
by Locke577 August 20, 2008
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When two members are having inter course, doggystyle, the member giving it, pulls out and spits on the other persons back, thus thinking it to be cum, turns around and then the member standing up then cums on the other members face.
/past tense/
dude, i totally pulled a houdini, on this chick last night.
by David Hatch November 05, 2007
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