A hooker or prostitute who does sexual pleasures for one. Mainly used in the south (raleigh nc).
Hey you tricking
Ummmm yeah, do you have any crack?
Ummm no.
Shit ok then?!
by Jamesdoes69 August 08, 2017
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A form of acrobatics where practitioners focus mainly on linking together chains of acrobatic kicks, flips and twists in combinations, or combos. Trickers train and can be found in many locations, including fields, Martial Arts dojos, Gymnastics gyms, and even public locales. People who trick are known as Trickers or Tricksters.
Situations involving tricking might include the following scenarios:

Gymnast #1: *in flamboyant voice* Oh my god! Those stupid trickers are taking up the entire floor again!
Gymnast #2: At least they aren't as bad as those Parkour-Freerunner guys...

Tricker: Hey TKD guy! Look what I can do: *does Cheat 900*
Martial artist: You know that's completely useless in a fight!

Tricker: *jumps into random Bboy circle* Oh hai guyz! *does raiz swing thru cork*
Bboys: wtf gtfo you ain't got no rhythm! *does some top rockin, then goes into a 1990 to freeze*

Tricker #1: Dude I wanna battle youz!
Tricker #2: But I am le tired! It's totally like the end of the session!

by the_guy_the_guy February 23, 2009
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The Combination of Any Martial art,Gymnastics and Breakdancing-The Combination of These 3 Elements Creates a Artistic Lifestyle Known As "Tricking".

Tricking Is Known As The highest Level of Martial Arts,For many reasons,Not only are The three outlets strong in-Themselves But Combinding Them Makes an Artistic Desplay of talent Like NO other, Tricking Is Becoming Very Popular in todays Society,You can Do Tricking anywhere and Anytime By anyone That is fit and Athletic,People that are just starting out Tricking Should not attempt -Scotty Sceltons- "Tripple Cork"...at all...im Serious,DONT ;)Start Small and work your Way up,Take your Time,"Martial Arts is a Lifetime Journey".

Tricking Is Mainly found in Cali and New York,But Hey What isnt :) "Trickers" are A Very Addaptive and Kind Race,And Shall not Be Labeled.Tricking can Be Found On "YouTube" And www.Loopkicks.Com And if your lookking For Quick Amazement I Highly Suggest you Check it out :)

Lines in Tricking are being Pushed Everyday. Trickers Are Very Adapptive You Can Even combind different Typs of Martial Arts Together,liiiiiike->>>
Muay Tai/Ninjutsu
Hell All of The Above!+Gymnastics and Brakedancing 1 Word !WOW!

"Im Glad i Live in a Time Where Tricking Almost surpasses What Some ANIME Characters Can do :D"
-Cecil Lee-
by Cecil Lee-Martial Artist- August 03, 2009
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A sport involving the combination of flips and kicks from a number of tumbling and martial art disciplines to create a display full of interesting movements that would make any conventional athlete disgusted. Despite the sports ability to be awesome, generally it is associated with poor technique, uncleanliness and wankiness.
Overheard during a Tricking session at the gym
Tricker: "Bro did you just see my awesome triple cork?"
Gymnast: "Yea man, it was almost like a layout with 3/1 twist. Except that your knees were bent, your toes weren't pointed and you rotated off-axis. Did you see my punch double front?"
Tricker: "Pretty sure that's impossible bro."
by GGGGS May 04, 2013
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When someone attemps or has recently cheated you out of something (money, favors, clothes, etc) or cheated on you, or is trying to be sneaky and underhanded behind your back, and you find out either before the act is done or right after the act is done. You then rectify the situation immediatley or set it up where you will get payback in a major way later. Can be as small as someone snitching on you at the job or giving you a sob story to borrow money for something important that reaaly isn't, to your mate cheating on you or someone setting you up to be arrested or robbed
Fred: Hey Martin. you goin to the show on Saturday?

Martin:I just gave Lee Lee $250.00 to pay her gas bill so the kids can stay warm

Fred: WHAT!!!??? That bitch went to Atlantic City to spend the weekend with the girls. She was broke but told my girl she was gonna get the money by hook or by crook.

Martin: Oh for real!!! I gotta trick for a trick. She left her food stamp card with $350.00 on it. It's all mine!!

Eddie: Yo G, Marvin snitched to the boss how you managers come in late when you open. Boss said he was gonna dock ya'll 10 hours for the week!

G: Ok!! I gotta trick for a trick. I'ma send that ass home tomorrow soon as he come in!
by MJ Wright February 14, 2010
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1. Any man who lets women use him for his wallet. It comes from the term prostitutes use to describe the men who pay them for sex.

2. Any punk or fool who acts as bitch made as a trick does

3. A woman who acts like a tease or tries to make men into tricks or even any slut

1. "Andre's girlfriend makes him buy her jewlery every weekend!"
"Wow, that guy's a major-ass trick!"

2. "That trick stepped to a kid half his size and got knocked out yesterday."

3. "Don't waste your time with that girl, man, she's a straight up trick."
by supamanhoez_29 November 23, 2009
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