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(verb) to purposefully avoid responsibilities despite knowing the burden it will have on colleagues or friends.
Hey John, are you coming into work today?
Nah. I'm gonna pull a Gabe and let someone else do it.
It's no wonder that you'll never get that promotion.
by LazyGabe June 06, 2015
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Switching your thesis topic during the second half of first semester in order to avoid working with a sadistic professor.
Wow, Prof. _____ is a jackass... I think I'll pull a Gabe and switch my thesis in November.
by Rocks4Lyfe November 18, 2011
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When someone gets mad at you for liking a certian band or song or genre of music because they liked it first, or because you dont dress a certian way, this is considered to be pulling a gabe!
Matt: Bring me the horizon is a good band!!
Jon and Stephan: Way to pull a gabe
by LMFMC FUCKER June 10, 2009
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to stop giving a single shit about life in general
(person1)yo dude school sucks

(person 2) dude, you need to pull a Gabe
by Fatboiferp February 21, 2019
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a whore acting like an asshole towards others to make up for the lack of love he recieved as a child. major possibility this person was dropped on head at a fairly young age because that would make sense for their exotic gay homosexual behavior. you feel bad for this person but you shouldnt, lots of people are a waste of oxygen. this person has no understanding of the power words have on others and is conceited to the point they give zero fucks about the people that love them the most.
whore: β€œnigga this kid be testin’ my shit. imma pull a gabe so i can act like my dicks bigger then two inches; even though it isn’tβ€πŸ™Š
me: β€œno wonder why your girlfriend broke your heart....”
by petty alcoholic July 26, 2018
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