To interrupt someone while they are talking and than using that moment to voice your praise about someone else.

Refers to an incident at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards when rapper Kanye West hijacks Taylor Swift's moment (after she won the award for best female video) and using it to praise Beyonce.
Example 1:

Connor: Welcome to Olive Garden, what can I do...
Erick: Yo Connor, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish... but Tanner was one of the best servers of all time... one of the best servers of all time!
Me: Look at Erick pull a Kanye

Example 2:

Cyrus: Dude, did you hear about Andrew... hes in a coma
Chris: Yo Cyrus, I'm sad for Andrew and I'mma let you finish... but Minh was in one of the best comas of all time... one of the best comas of all time!
Cyrus: You just had to pull a Kanye didn't ya?
by b4zketc4ze September 16, 2009
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to pull a kanye is to rudely interupt someone
esp. when by doing so you take the moment away from them or steal the limelight
this is derived from MTV's VMAs 2009 when Kanye West famously got on stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for 'best female artist video' and took the microphone from her stating that Beyonce instead deserved the award.
Paul: yo did you see that dude pull a kanye last night?

Steve: yeah he really ruined the night for that little girl

I was at a really boring awards ceremony last night and almost couldn't resist getting onstage to pull a kanye
by chad.wilko September 16, 2009
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This occurs when one person, in an epic show of douchebaggery, shifts the attention from what should be one person's unforgettable life moment to their own undeserving ass.
New mom to her husband: It's a boy!

Situational Kanye: Hey, no offense to y'all, I let y'all finish giving birth and ay'thing, but y'all shoulda had a girl. Girls are so much better, no disrespect, but they deserve to get born more than any other gender.

Husband: Stop pulling a Kanye and hand me my child back!
by rubberduckie1224 September 14, 2009
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(v.) being the biggest douchbag in the world by attempting to better someone else's well-being...but only succeeding in being a douchbag.
"Man, did you see Gary try to stop Mary from marrying that loser Steve?"
"Yea man, he was totally pulling a Kanye."
by KACDD September 14, 2009
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When You Appear Out Of Nowhere..Like Kanye Did At This Year VMA Show.
When You Get Here? You Pulled A Kanye On Me, I Didnt Even See Or Hear You Come In..
by SirCaptainJuan September 16, 2009
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To rudely interrupt a conversation, speech or announcement with the sole intention of ruining the moment for all involved.
"Aren't Jack and Liz supposed to be married by now?"
"They were, but Liz's ex-boyfriend Dennis went on to pull a Kanye during the ceremony to declare that Liz was the best woman in the world he's ever been with."
by warriorprincess September 18, 2009
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The act of completely taking the attention being directed at someone else during their big moment.
"I can't believe that Julie announced she was pregnant right when we were congratulating Monica on getting married."

"I know she was totally pulling a Kanye"
by Scarlet_j September 17, 2009
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