To forget all about your friends so that you could date a girl.
You can date her as long as you don’t pull a Henry
by Vdawggnarly May 10, 2018
To masturbate vigorously during break at work/school/party in the bathroom/closet.
(Talking to a friend)
Man i was just taking a dump and the guy in the next stall was pulling a henry
by killemallandletgodsortemout August 23, 2009
to hook up with a girl and lead her on and then tell her that you "dont want a relationship"
guy:hey lets hook up tonight
girl: YEAAAAAA come on:)
(hook up)
guy: lets meet later
guy (later): i dont want a relationship but it was fun
girl:omg ur pulling a henri arent u

by monicar November 7, 2007
when u smoke too much weed and end up playing on ur cellphone for 4hrs straight without talking
i was so high i was pulling a henry
by willard 3rd January 19, 2010
Going out to a party/event, but remaining 100 percent sober. Named after one of the greatest. He was a simple soul. Known to all, enemy to none. His greatest attruibute was that he never consumed alcoholic beverages, but still partied like a rockstar. RIP 4 ever long
"Yo, man I don't know, I think i might pull a Henry Williams tonight and stay sober."
by Robert Rychel December 3, 2007
When a guy doesn’t get the picture that a girl is not interested, he is pulling a henry.
Girl: The guy just won’t go away!
Friend: Oh no-o-o! He’s definitely pulling a henry.
by He’sOneLuckyMan June 12, 2018
Saying something so incredibly stupid, no one with a normal IQ can even understand.
by pulledhenry February 23, 2019