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A pot smoker who forgets to share when in a circle passing a blunt, bong or pipe.
Puff, Puff and Pass! Joseph, you're hogging the bong, puffer.

Quit being a puffer and pass the blunt.
by marqattacks September 04, 2014
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A faggot, homo, queer. One who smokes on cocks or takes it in the arse.
Are you a puffer(puffa)Harry? (english accent)
by Hammy April 24, 2003
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An easily stolen car on a cold day. The engine has been left running while the owner goes back inside to let it warm up. The visible exhaust 'puffing' from an unlocked, keys-in-the-ignition ride tips a thief off to the easy grab.
Car warming up in driveway or left running in convenience store on cold day has tell-tale 'puffing' from exhaust pipe.
by MarkB December 19, 2004
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Students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who belong to the House of Hufflepuff.
"Where were you during dinner? Didn't see you." - "I had dinner with the Puffers at the Hufflepuff table."
by Lady Quin August 19, 2011
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An extreamley large shoe with an obscenely large Tounge that looks like somithing that you can pump with your hands.
Big Wezz was wearing his Puffers today.
by >Angle Dust< November 29, 2005
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