A term used to describe someone who is slutty or promiscuous, or someone who has had more than the average number of sexual partners.
She's as used as a public toilet.
by etaolf December 29, 2011
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Passing someone coming out of a public/work bathroom and then trying to guess which stall they used so you can avoid sitting on a pre-warmed toilet seat.
1) I went to the bathroom after that fat guy from accounting had just used it...I lost big time at public toilet bingo
by MeffaKev August 27, 2010
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A submissive male homosexual who is a nasty degenerate that enjoys licking public toilets & urinals. He must be able to enjoy Humiliation, Degradation & defilement. Some of these guys are even so bold as to strip fully naked and record themselves doing being disgusting sluts. This behavior can be used to attract or satisfy a Master or an Alpha.

PTFs are most happy when they're being anally used by real men while they service the toilet.
1.)Ewww. That small dicked Public Toilet Faggot posted another video on Bdsmlr. I got off so hard watching it.
2)Saw Otter Phox, that skanky Public Toilet Faggot at the reststop the other night. He looked so happy so I pissed on him.
by FaggotJustinExposed September 22, 2020
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When someone, commonly named Joe, is desperate for a quick 15 minute stress reliever he will go anywhere to get the job done.
Public toilet wank (ptw)

Friend: oh where's Joe now, we need to leave soon.

Other Friend: oh I bet he's gone for a ptw
by Hometown Hillary May 29, 2017
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The state of your butt when you stand up from a public toilet, particularly when it has someone else's pee on it. The overwhelming disgusted feeling that you suddenly have and the mental vows that you make to never make this mistake again. Your desperate attempt to wipe the foreign pee off your butt by rubbing it against the inside of your pants. Ewwww.
Great mirror in there but I just got Public Toilet Butt.
by Tidy Tova November 5, 2014
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A rule apply for taking a shat in public toilet, stating that after you saw someone exited a public toilet, you can't enter and seat within 5 seconds, otherwise you will still feel the creepy warmth as if you are placing your ass upon another unidentified, disgusting ass that just pooped
Pete: Oh man I was about to shit my pants so I ignored the five seconds rule of the public toilet
Pete's boyfriend: We are not going to do anal for 5 months because of that
by cinamon_muff March 5, 2016
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The Public Toilet.

When you perform Anal sex on a women and ejaculated , you leave your cock in her bum and take a piss at the same time you take a shit then put it inside her pussy , making her a human urinal .
The public toilet - I used her like a public toilet , she was full of piss , shit and spunk .
by The Public Toilet November 20, 2018
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