A traditional psych ward is a ward within a hospital that houses psychiatric patients. Traditionally patients on a psych ward will be housed in a large room with multiple beds allowing for minimal privacy.

In the US and many other developed countries places referred to as psych wards are actually psychiatric units, psychiatric departments, or psychiatric hospitals. Patients in these places are typically housed in individual rooms or with 1-3 roommates, rather than on a traditional ward.
"I just got back from the psych ward, it wasn't as crazy as it sounds!"
by Naydia October 18, 2017
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Binta-psyched is like if the word stoked and ALL CAPS had a squeaky glitter baby that's perpetually grateful to be alive!

Binta-psyched is the highest level of recorded excitement known to modern science.

Many people can feel Binta-psyched but only one person can BE Binta-psyched.
"At first I was just psyched, but then I realized that even though life is ephemeral, life is BEAUTIFUL and then I got Binta-psyched!"
by Jye$$ April 2, 2019
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A "like psyche" is when you "like" something on Facebook, giving it a thumbs up, and then immediately "unlike" it. The person will receive a notification that you "like" their post, only to find the thumbs up is gone. This prank is most effective if accompanied by a comment about the sweet "like psyche" you just pulled.
Dude, you just got like psyched!
by Like Psychin April 1, 2009
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For every new Psyche episode ever created, there is a hidden pineapple which the viewers must spot- it is kind of like an "I SPY" game for every Psych episode. HOWEVER. The damn pineapple is increasingly difficult to find, as sometimes, it is merely depicted as a pineapple smoothie or something else that is simply a pain to relate back to the object of interest, the pineapple.
The "hidden psych pineapple" was shown as a pineapple smoothie in that episode. WTF. PUT A REAL PINEAPPLE IN THERE, DAMNIT!

As I said "Merry Christmas," to Sam, she was thinking about the Psych Pineapple, and cookies, as she will one day dominate the world and therefore NO ONE can question her about her interest in Psych Pineapples.
by jla3122 December 11, 2010
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a content creator named Joe who gives you the illusion that you actually know English.
-- OMG! Joe just uploaded!

-- Who's Joe?
-- That Psyche Goji dude!
-- What's Psyche Goji?
by ZhuJiangJiu November 16, 2020
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When you believe someone is talking to you, then they turn to the side only to reveal that they are wearing and talking through a bluetooth earpiece!
"I thought that guy was talking to me, but he had a bluetooth!"

"Haha! You were just blue psyched!"
by Ryman Goose March 8, 2009
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When you know someone is trying to psyche you in a long drawn out psyche and you go along with it and just before they say psyche, you beat them to it. Also someone must be aware that you are attempting a Counter Psyche.
Person A:*Long Story*
B: Oh yea?
A: Yea, and by the way...
B:Owned...Counter Psyche!
by Lapolla & Van Dyke February 11, 2008
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