When someone, usually an idiot, chooses to say psyche after something that would probably in retrospect earn them props.

This is usually followed by the idiot saying awww or damn it.
Guy: Guess who got laid last night? I did!!
Friends: Really?
Guy: Psyche!! Haha

Did i do it wrong?
Friend: Psyche regret much?
by dontquoteme123 October 24, 2009
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A creature with such distinct human like qualities you mistake them for a real human. This deranged monster lures it's prey in with it's attractive looks and incredible talents, such as singing or juggling. Once the psyche vamp has gained your attention through adoration and perhaps a seemingly enjoyable serenade, filled with lustful looks, they will sever the bonds they have constructed with you, creating an open puncture wound into your Ora. The psyche vamp now has the power to drain your Ora when ever it is with in seeing distance of you. Leaving you feeling irritable and depressed.
Person 1: Man, you look shit faced.
Person 2: I saw Psyche Vamp. Should have ran him over with my car before he drained my whole ora. I was having such a good day too. bastard...
by staryary November 5, 2010
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When you and a friend are up in the middle of the night and decide to message each other at the same time.
Hi b-what the hell you beat me? I think we have a Night Psych Tunnel
by AstroScraps November 26, 2017
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Like psychic, but removing the connotation that one is blessed with 'visions from God' and more like one who is in tune with the psyche/mind.

A person able to predict events based on human behavior/habits.
I'm not psychic, I'm psyche-ic...I just know what he's like, so I know what to expect.
by Ms.Pouncer May 29, 2013
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A person with psychological problems, especially irrational fears (namely a neurosis).
Most of the women in young adult groups are attractive, kind of hot, and psych jobs.

I wanted to date her until I found out she was a psych job.
by Source of Truth January 8, 2009
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