A sweet girl that always makes you happy and can make a terrible day amazing by smiling at you. Always has great manners and will be helpful wherever possible
Psalm is friendly because she helped me with my homework
by Always Wise February 5, 2019
A mixture of the words safe and calm, created at the elitist public school Marlborough College.
"Oi mate did you meet Alexandra, she was bare psalm g"
by MrHenchy42069 May 3, 2019
A beautiful girl with high values and good intentions. She loves football and gains the attention of everyone. She's extremely attractive, kind, funny, and chill as hell. Definitely an eye catcher and someone to admire.
Someone: Wow that girl is gorgeous!
Other person: Yup, she's such a Psalm!
by EatSleepRepeat December 23, 2015
hebrew meaning song...girl next door beauty who's down to earth, skin like a noxema model and brains like Einstein...may seem innocent and pure, but give a Pslam some alcohol and you've got a party!
"Emily seemed nice enough at first, pretty but kind of quiet, but by the end of the night she had turned into a Psalm...on the bar doing karoke and had everyone partying along."
by kountrygal February 4, 2010
A girl who is always kind and can make a terrible day amazing by smiling at you. She is always trying to be helpful and friendly.
Psalm is a kind person.

I went to see Jumanji with Psalm
by Always Wise February 5, 2019
Psalm is a wonderful young woman an usually from the phillapines . She wishes to be some kind of pop sat with a guitar and a beautifully singing friends often named Madison or madi and ruby they will grow up to be together no matter what and neve stab in the back friendship is what matters
Psalm and Madison and ruby together are like three peas in a pod
by Madimoo143 April 20, 2017
The spiritual vaccine or divine shield that protects believers from any fear of contracting Covid-19 and its variants, or from any phobia of experiencing severe side effects after being vaccinated against the coronavirus.
Merely reading or proclaiming Psalm 91 over someone’s life is no recipe or guarantee to combating Covid-19, unless they abide in Christ and He in them—faithful obedience is a sine qua non to receiving divine protection or healing against any plague or pandemic.
by Covido March 19, 2022