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An expression or declaration of objection, disapproval, or dissent, in opposition to something via text message
Saying "Say no 2 eatng meat" via text message would be a protext
by NINJuhh October 05, 2009
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An expertly crafted mildly threatening warning text sent in defense or "protection"of someone else by a friend, relative, lover, etc...
Noun: "That ratchet ass ho said WHAT to you?? Oh hell no-Imma hafta send that bitch a PROTEXT right now!"
Verb: " Lets go PROTEXT that Lil skank who keeps posting rude shit on ur sister's Facebook!"
by SchmackVxn68 January 31, 2018
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Text messenger, end-user friendly. To communicate urgent news. similar To 'protest' & 'protect'. To make aware. a socially aware Text message To convey something going on or down.
I will 'protext' my friends To let Them know what I just saw.
by EnterNot July 24, 2008
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