Prostate Exam is an exam where a doctor digitally examines your prostate.
Guy -Hey man, when I went to my Prostate Exam and you said it was a digital exam, you really should have specified that digital meant his fingers and not numbers.
Friend- You ok?
Guy- I don’t wanna talk about it
by DD Alwhiney May 18, 2019
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When a man (typically over 40) gets his insurance to pay for someone to stick some fingers up his asshole.
Me: I'm going to the doctor for my prostate exam.

Friend: Are you sure you don't want me to finger bang you instead?
by BlackMambaBoughtMeARing September 30, 2015
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One of the best exams you will ever take
Dude 1: "dude I took my prostate exam today. It felt great. But I can't sit down"

Dude 2: "dude you could've just asked for a finger bang"
by RemBestGirl February 23, 2021
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The Boston Prostate Exam is what the Boston Celtics gave the Los Angeles Lakers on June 17th, 2008. The Celtics blew out the Lakers by 39 points to win the NBA champioship. Bostons blow out was equivalent to a prostate exam without the use of a latex glove so Kobe Bryant could feel every finger all up in that ass.
Charles: Did you see the Celtics give the Lakers a whooping?

Marv: No Charles, they gave them a Boston Prostate Exam.
by Julio Rumundo June 19, 2008
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When you go to the doctor to get a prostate exam, but you coulda swore he did it with his weiner
I got a physical man, and something other then a finger went up my butt.

Dude, he totally gave you a penal prostate exam.
by poqwer September 16, 2007
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sex move. Man covers hand in Tabasco sauce, and Fists someone, once hand is inside, he then makes devil horns.
Girl: Ouch my boyfriend gave me the devils prostate exam last night
Girl2: Ouch, is your ass okay?
by Hirohashmihung 2 August 01, 2008
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When one penetrates their woman from behind (doggy style), one slips a cheeky finger into the anus. This results in involuntary bliss. One might call this a veterinary prostate exam.
by Animal Doctor: Who? September 19, 2020
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