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Pretty much the most badass thing in the history of the world
Sanjeem is soooooooooo Promit
by Sanjeem May 31, 2011
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What many people feel like doing around prom season when all anyone can seem to talk about is prom, which includes every detail about your dress, who your date is, and of course letting everyone within 5 feet of you know about all of your group's drama. Well guess what? NO ONE CARES.
Within 5 minutes of class Donna found the need to tell me all of her prom plans. I learned that her dress is actually pink not fuchsia, Joe is getting kicked out of their group because he won't pay the $75 party bus fee, and pictures are going to be at Stacy's now because she has a spiral staircase with 34 steps and Harold doesn't...Now I'm going to go promit all over the next person who mentions prom.
by NeutrogenaWave May 12, 2009
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Pormit is a sad frog that has no friends. Promit is also ungrateful for what he has and constantly seeks attention. Known for being a dead last as well as a loser
Person 1- "look at promit, hes bothering the girls from table 3

Girls- "promit stop. We won't go on a date with you!, teacher! Hes bothering us!"

Teacher- "promit, detention for 2 weeks"
by Blake(taken by yang) February 23, 2019
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The act of becoming so intoxicated during prom that you puke everywhere
Did you see La'dasha last night? that bitch promited all over the dance floor
by Leslie Dolphin May 09, 2014
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Promit is a green frog, also known as a loser and dead last
Christina: look at promit the frog guys

Adrain: haha, did you guys see my ig post about promit "has no friends"
by BlakeKarmaMidnight February 23, 2019
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