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Before the internet.

When people still spoke to each other in person, and weren't as socially awkward and scared of confrontation.
And people were less self-aggrandizing and focused on living a faux life online.
Back when 'politically correct' wasn't as rampant.
THEN (Pre-Internet):

In person:
"Hey Sally, let's go on a date!"
"Sure thing Mark!"

NOW (Post-Internet):

On a computer:
"Unnghhffff huhhhh....(LIKE)"
"Hey there, thanks for the like! Please follow me and comment on how much you like the breakfast I had every day, and exclaim how intelligent and attractive I am - or claim to be online!" "And don't ever have a different opinion than me on anything, otherwise I will mute/block you, and I may fall into depression because I have no coping mechanism!"

Ex: No 'Kip Drordys' before the internet.
by John Nostalgia July 11, 2014
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