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The largest high school party ever. Consists of huge amounts of drinking, girls, boobies, music, ninja security guards and ecstasy.
Have you seen Project X yet, that movie is insane! I wish I had been at that party
by TillTheBreakOfDawn March 04, 2012
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Project X entered theaters March 2. Produced by Todd Phillips, the movie features three unpopular seniors attempting to make a name for themselves. They end up throwing the party of their lives. The film received mediocre reviews from 50+ year olds who dont know how to have fun. The film was viewed by an audience of 67% under 25 years old. Tits, Cops, Flamethrowers, Parties. AKA best party movie ever made.
Johnny: Yo bro have you seen project x yet?
Bobby: Naw man not my kind of movie.
Johnny: Get some friends.
by fabsouza March 05, 2012
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A large house party. Not just any party, but one with more than 1,500 people attending, 2 DJ's, and over $2,000 in damages. Comparable to the party seen in the film Project X (2012). To make it more like the Project X thrown in the film, police should have been called, and drugs other than weed should be largely available.
Oh my god dude, I can't believe how big that party was! It was totally a Project X!
by projectexer March 04, 2012
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The situation in which a man is dancing with a woman, grinding his junk against her ass and sports wood. also see wood.
man, i was totally giving that hooker project x! and she loved it! see project Y.
by Steve Winters November 01, 2003
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The wildest thing you will ever go to, where there will be prostitutes, drink sex and condoms for free. Her mother and auntie will also offer you weed. while you enjoy the grinding motion of her native dance as well as twerking. Don't ever miss one of her parties.
Karima has the best parties.

Karima party was the best.

Who has the best party Karima does.

Karimas holding project X.
by chocolate999 May 16, 2014
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in relation to the movie, a ProjectX party is huge and out of control
guy1: "Dude are you going to the ProjectX party?"
guy2: "Ya man its going to be dope!"
by JCfrancis January 30, 2012
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