A confused and suspicious urban being that believes the only way to compensate for their lack of common sense is to exert an unreasonable amount of control over their fellow citizens.

See also, Politics, Progressive, George Orwell and Joseph Stalin.
Martina was shocked to find out that there was a church in her neighborhood, so she telephoned her network of Proglodytes and they all agreed to burn it down so the church members wouldn't promote hate mongering.
by Sterling Headset March 30, 2013
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a progressive who is regarded as being deliberately ignorant, crude and/or violent and rejects logic and Western Civilization and its cultural norms. Often blindly chasing fantasies of a socialist utopia.
Antifa is made up of violent Proglodytes.
by Uppity White Man December 18, 2017
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A progressive democrat who's brain is less developed than that of any prehistoric species'.
The idiots in congress are now referring to women as "birthing people." They are such Proglodytes.
by Scrat4Freedom May 8, 2021
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(accurate) term of abuse/contempt/description for an unthinkingly reflexive and personally unpleasant leftist shit-thrower. A diagnostic term, to distinguish the over-medicated NPR-listener, the slobbering burn-out druggie, the perpetual undergraduate, and other leftist menagerie members from their most vocal exemplar.
That LVQ is such a fucking proglodyte, he thinks mass-murder is a small price to pay for carbon offsets.

Goddamned proglodyte motherfuckers trashed campus GOP offices, then bitched about police brutality when they got busted.
by NightMarket April 5, 2011
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