Another way of saying "poggers" (the epic gamer version of "Awesome") but with an R before the o. Sounds a bit more crisp. (ie, "pretty poggers" or "pretty proggers")
"This tea is pretty proggers huh mate?"

"The proggers principle said we can totally do it"
by Rousate May 17, 2021
A progger is a programmer who usually has some experience under their belt. It's unusual for a web designer to be labeled a programmer, but anyone who scripts can be labeled as a progger. Even if one simply edits their MySpace CSS* code by hand, they can be labeled a progger (but more commonly, script kiddies).

This term is sometimes typed as "progg'er" or "prog'ger."

* CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is used to determine the layout (visuals) of a website, such as the font type, background images, and presentation of the site (such as where a paragraph is displayed on the page).
I just made all the font italics! I am quite the 1337 progger, yes?
by The Ocarina May 22, 2006
A progger is a person who loves progressive rock, a music style which is pretentious as fuck in which solos go on for like two weeks until it makes you want to get hit by a bus so you can stop listening to the guitarist's solo which in reality is not a solo but his enormous ego speaking through the guitar.
Guy 1: Dude, let's go listen to some Emerson, Lake and Palmer!
Guy 2: What are you, a progger? Fuck you man! I'd rather eat a sandwich with nails and shit in it!
by Bob Mierda November 2, 2013
A progger is a stupid little bitch who has to cheat at video games to boost their own morale. Proggers can be identified by unmistakeable strength and invulnerability. A progger uses a computer "prog" short for program to enhance their gaming abilities. They are fucking homos who have no life. They live in their parents basement and are 30 years old. gay assholes.
-What the flying fuck!? This little bitch just 0wned me, i was at full fucking life!
-Fuck! he 0wned me too, that little bitch is a fucking progger!!
by Ralphus April 15, 2004
Usually a young individual from the ages of 12 to 24 that
uses a hacked chess UCI to cheat at online chess, thus giving
them a highly inflated ELO rating, while skewing legitimate
players ratings. Their internet ELO rating is usually well
over the master level of 2200, even though their real world,
Over The Board (OTB) rating is typically below 1400.
By cheating unknown individuals over the internet anonymously, proggers give themselves a false sense of accomplishment and gratification. They are selfish losers who only care about winning at any and all costs.
Damn it! That little fucking chess progger checkmated me again in under 30 moves and in only two minutes, twenty seconds (five minute clocks).
by V0n December 2, 2011
Billie eilishs best stan twitter group chat. (short for programmers) Was created to form the better half of *** Including Sarah (bilbobeilish) Epiphany (pip) Lola (Lolita) Annie (anakin) Mal (mallory) Hayday (heidy s.) Zelly (jelly bean, zel, ect.) chrisy (christina) ashley (ashkin, ashcash, ect.) Zoe (unknown)
Who is the best and funniest billie eilish stan twitter group chat?

Oh definitely the proggers!!
by heldlksisksbbwjwkwkkw November 17, 2020