a billie eilish stan is someone who is in love with the songs: coap, wiwo, ilomilo, 8, etc..
billie eilish stans, will do anything for their bae (billie) and if anyone says anything bad about her they will go for them.
someone: “billie eilish is overrated”

billie eilish stan: “BILLIE STAN AMRY, GET THEM”
by billiemybae November 22, 2019
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These are the people who stan billie for her humor /personality,or the people who knows her unreleased songs, the fans can be very toxic but nice.People understimate them because they don't argue in the comments but rather in the dms ...they are like the Barbz but more low-key with they're tactics..the ages of the fans are very diverse..
The Billie Eilish Stans also support Ariana,and BTS .
If someone says "Billie eilish is ugly, overrated, talentless and whispers"
The Billie Eilish stans or Eyelashes will show proof of she not whispering which is in half of her songs and the amount of success she gained .They will also describe how ugly,talentless the haters are say the phrase"Ugly, dumbass looking b*tch or go trip over a knife"and they will bully you on twitter,tiktok,Instagram but more than likely privately because they don't want to give Billie a bad image.
The Billie Eilish stans should not be underestimated
by Multi stan July 22, 2020
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