claim that one has (a quality or feeling), especially when this is not the case.
"he had professed his love for her"
by Vortex and Blitz September 4, 2020
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not to be confused with professor, a professer is one who professes things. no degree is required.
dovid was a professer of math. didnt know a lot of it but always talked about it.
by Meir Hashas April 6, 2015
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A word created by Solo G meaning to have a certain quality. i.e. very good at something
I'm a professive car driver. I'm a professive artist. I'm a professive musician. etc.
by Freddy Garcia October 13, 2007
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It is a profession where one can easily work for oneself eg a barber, doctor or accountant as opposed to say a policeman or engineer where it is very hard to work for yourself.
When the economy went bad, I was happy that I was in a free profession so I could get work by working for myself.
by BernardZ May 4, 2020
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Prostitution is usually referred to as the oldest profession
James: oi, I think that woman's career is the oldest profession there is.
Random cunt: oi, love ill pay u a tener to blow me xoxoxo
by Fannyfucker123 January 3, 2017
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A paid job, career, area of expertise, or walk of life that is completely useless both to society and to ones self, in any reasonably rational sense.
UFO videographer is the most bullshit profession ever.
by paul andrews September 12, 2006
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bro- " hey it's yo boy, professer finesser"
man- " ye, i smashed her last night bro"
by GirlNextDoor177 January 25, 2018
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