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When you don't judge a hoe and you agree with there hoe behavior
Tiffany: ew what a hoe

Ashley: shit if Patricia wants to pop that pussy then let her I'm ProHoe
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by SergTheProHoe August 10, 2016
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1. A girl who hangs around MLG (Major League Gaming) Professional or Semi Professional Halo players or dates one in hopes of gaining special privilages such as VIP passes, swag, free plan tickets, or free hotel.

2. A gold digging whore that dates pro video gamers
1. That pro hoe only dates that halo player for his money.

2. That pro hoe fucked that halo pro for her plane ticket to meadows!
by 4tehlulz007 April 07, 2009
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a girl who only likes skateboarding because it gives her a chance to pick up guys
pro hoe:hey lets all go to the skatepark and pick up some hott sk8er boyz!
by mayree January 22, 2004
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A pro hoe is a girl who is so good at hoeing, she is now considered a pro; thus, pro hoe.
Pro hoes are easily recognizable by their lack of clothing during cold temperatures, which doesn't affect them at all. They're so used to wearing their hoe outfits during cold weather that just because it may be 30 degrees outside doesn't mean they can't wear their booty skirts, bra-like tops and hooker boots.
Damn, bitch, it's freezing outside and you're wearing next to nothing! You look like a pro hoe!
by KY March 05, 2005
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Any girl who is a groupie of sponsored surfers. Usually a slut, and sometimes even a trog, she'll often end up in your house, asking you to see the stickers on your board....
Dude, Sara is such a fucking prohoe. She wouldn't fuck me unless I showed her my board...
by gromabillion December 04, 2011
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any girl who hangs out at rancho wearing trucker hats and low rise jeans (see poser)
Im gonna kick that pro hoes ass if she doesnt stop being a poser
by pro hoes suck April 14, 2004
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